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Park Hyatt Saigon confirms its luxury property

Posted at: 5:17 PM
Ho Chi Minh City is the splendid city in Vietnam. It is covered with a lot of luxury hotel and commercial centers and restaurants. It is a year since the Park Hyatt Saigon has appeared in Ho Chi Minh City. Right from the opening, it confirms its position in the hotel market. 

All the anticipation ends when the hotel proudly announces that the new beginning date is in March 2015.

In order to keep up with the increase in the field of work which postponed the project, however preserving the guest’s luxury level, Park Hyatt Saigon will close approximately 13 weeks and open on March 3rd 2015.

At first, the completion time is scheduled in early June, 2015, and to make full the remaining guestrooms until November 2015. This project uses the modern technology to reduce the affect to ecological of the hotel.

Park Hyatt Saigon has had certain guests during recent nine years and become the advance destination for citizens in the city because it never makes guests disappointed.

The architecture is under the French colonial style however the guests will find the difference because the Indochina decoration and the addition of such elements that combine both classic and modern luxuries. The wall is paneled with white leaf, fresh garden and the mixture of furniture into pieces.

Guestrooms and suites will be redesigned by combining the traditional style and contemporary. Besides, some enhancements are added with art technology. Guests will find it attracting and must return whenever in need. It will bring the new, the luxury, and the comfort and let unforgettable experiences to each guest.

If you want to find more information about this hotel, do not hesitate to visit or receive the direct consulting by calling +84 8 3824 1234.

Anyway, if you just want see and cannot afford to experience this hotel, please come No.2 Lam Son Square, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hyatt once again launches in central Vietnam

Posted at: 5:16 PM
The name of Hyatt is so familiar and popular with travelers. And for Vietnamese, it is not a strange venue because it has the first one in Ho Chi Minh City. As we know, Hyatt Hotels Corporation has head quarter in United State, and Vietnam is so honor to have the second ones – the resort and spa in Da Nang on the central coast.

The location is so easy to go; it locates near Hoi an old street which is UNESCO heritage. It will take you 15 minutes to go from Da Nang International Airport. From this resort, you can see the view with full of stretch white sandy beach as well as Marble Mountain.
The special in this resort is its design which is contemporary Vietnamese. There are 200 guestrooms and all of them have oversized balconies. 182 residences and 27 private villas have their private pools.
One more special is the Beach House which is the main restaurant. It is located on the beach and you will be enjoyed the seafood and Western grilled food.
The Green House is the restaurant which will be offered all the day with an open kitchen. The guests can enjoy their meal on the terrace in the basket boats, moreover, guests can be experienced a fishing tool, thing used for locals who have not enough money to buy boat to sail offshore.
VIE Spa is also the remark place. There is one large room with the capacity of 400 people and there are seven rooms which can occupy 40-80 people. Your body can be relaxed with a fitness center, swimming pool, tennis courts, badminton courts and a Camp Hyatt which has a lot of activities for both children and adults.
Willi Martin, area vice president of Hyatt, said: "Vietnam is fast joining the ranks of the region's most popular tourist destinations. We believe the magnificent resort will further strengthen our brand portfolio in Southeast Asia."
Hyatt Corporation owns and manages 457 hotels and spa in 44 countries. I hope that they will invest more and more in Vietnam and Vietnam will have more than luxury hotels like that.

Park Hyatt New York has opened

Posted at: 5:02 PM
Such a wealthy as New York might have a luxury hotel and resort as Part Hyatt. And the Park Hyatt New York has opened in the heart of Midtown Manhattan forming a part of Hyatt Hotels Group.
The location is placed at 153 West 57th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues. It is definitely a luxury hotel which has the most deluxe room. This room is 530 square feet and the price is so expensive ranging from $795 to $1,295.

There are 210 luxurious guestrooms compositing of 92 premier suites, staying here you can have full of view to the outside because the rooms are equipped with floor to ceiling window. Designed by Pritzker Prize who win architect Christian de Portzamparc, the hotel has 25 first floors with iconic, One 57 Skycraper with 90 stories.

Cultural Experiences and Wealth
Carnegie Hall is being cooperated with Park Hyatt New York, which is Museum of Modern Art; it will bring to guests experiences of personalized and culturally authentic New York.  It is impressed by the collection of 350 artworks with worthy galleries from Ellsworth Kelly, Rob Fischer, and Robert Longo, etc. The unique of this Part Hyatt is that it offers 40 baths having Le Labo Fragrances.

Remarkable Growth for Hyatt
Manhattan currently has eight hotels which are Grand Hyatt New York, Hyatt Union Square,  Andaz Wall Street, Hyatt Times Square, Andaz 5th Avenue, Hyatt 48 Lex, and Hyatt Place Midtown-South. Besides the two under development hotels in New York are Hyatt House New York/Chelsea and Hyatt Place New York Times Square

Design and Amenities
Yabu Pushelberg is the person who creates the vision for C. This hotel is designed with modern materials and interiors of the city.

Park Hyatt New York is impressed by its food. You can be experienced the dining in the restaurant. Executive Chef Sebastien Archambault will be the person who hosts all the space and culinary here. Each angle is designed and arranged to become the ideal destination for all travelers.

All the most quality are served in this hotel such as meats, seafood and vegetables. The food is delicious; the space is large with the capacity of 220 people or standing reception for 450.

Park Hyatt is the well-known hotel and Park Hyatt New York is not an exception. Trying to experience in this hotel and you will have a strongly personalized memory.

Vietnam stands in top No 1 for hotel and resort

Posted at: 4:56 PM
Vietnam is still an attracting destination for foreigner because it is beautiful with a lot of strange traditional place and the price is so cheap. Being a Vietnamese I am so happy when knowing that Vietnam stands in top No 1 voted for hotel and resort in Asia.

As we know, in 2011, according to the online survey conducted by Smart Travel Asia, the two hotels which are Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi and Nam Hai in Hoi An are the best in leisure. And the result is collected from more than a million readers in over the world who read

The next top is for Peninsula in Hong Kong and Amandari in Bali respectively. And the Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city standed in the 23rd of the top list for business hotels in Asia.

Moreover, the Metropole is voted as the 18th on the Asia’s Top of 25 business hotels and as the 8th in Top 25 Conference Hotels in Asia.

"Vietnam has ranked equally with Hong Kong as the top destination on the Smart Travel Asia magazine site based on page visits over 2010 and 2011. Vietnam presents visitors with a sense of history and romance, a largely unspoiled coastline, and great food. And then there are the people," said Vijay Verghese, editor and director of Smart Travel Asia.

In the survey, Vietnam has 6 places in the poll list which are the Park Hyatt Saigon, the Furama Resort Danang and Princess d'Annam Resort and Spa.

I am so proud of this result and hope that it will develop more and more in the future. Hence, the Vietnam econony can growth and compare to other countries not only in Asia but also in world.

Discovery the land of poetry "Nhan Mountain, Da river" - Phu Yen

Posted at: 1:49 PM
Return to Quang Nam Quoc - Dang Trong land...

Seventeenth century, traders called a large area from the Hai Van Pass to Ca pass is " Quang Nam Quoc". The name that today stretches across four provinces of Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen.

Land of the best coffee in Vietnam
When ATR 72 glide along the Dong Tac Coast, we remember the taste of coffee in Vietnam, especially in this place.

Tuy Hoa welcome by warm sea winds between spring weather to cold and drizzly interesting.

Da Dia rocks - unique natural landscapes in Phu Yen. 

Mr. Nguyen Phuc, a descendant of King Minh Mang currently living in Saigon puzzles me where the best coffee ? I replied immediately, Tuy Hoa. He said wrong, Song Hinh. Song Hing Coffee transport to Tuy Hoa !

Song Hinh between the three bordering provinces of Phu Yen, Gia Lai and Dak Lak is coffee plantation where very small compared to Tay Nguyen coffee. If Buon Ma Thuot coffee from 4.8 to 5.7 kg fresh seeds will produce 1kg of coffee beans, the Song Hinh take up to 6.3 kg fresh with 13 % humidity.

Poetry land

Passing Nhan Mountain, Da River you will see a deep impression about the lonely mountains at this land. Nhan Mountain,Chop Mountain, Chop Dai Mountain, Da Bia... as Sam Mountain in a haunting folk song : " Le loi nhu nhu cum nui Sam. Than nhien nhu mat nuoc dam O Loan" (Lonely as Sam Mountains, Calmly as O Loan lagoon water)

Maybe so natural as Phu Yen is the origin of poetry and friends. The friendly of Phu Yen always make the guests feel comfortable.

Nhan Tower - 1,000 -year-old - is the symbol of Phu Yen. Annually, Poetry night "Nguyen Tieu" takes place at the foot of the tower.

The most tuna in Vietnam
Standing on top of Nhan mountain from the foot of the tower 1000 year may look around the city of Tuy Hoa.

Vung Ro

A few decades ago, Phu Yen fishermen accidentally picked up the line of the Japanese ship adrift on the East Coast and learned tuna fishing from it.

Phu Yen Currently there are over 1,000 ships specialist tuna fishing in the sea of Hoang Sa - Truong Sa. Each year, the fishing boats bring for Phu Yen : 5,000 to 6,000 tons.

Tuna fishermen in Phu Yen often export to Japan, South Korea and domestic consumption market with fresh ways of processing the same as the Japanese.

But even in Phu Yen, distant friends to always treat eye tuna dish and sometimes if you are lucky there are more eggs tuna.

The route to Tuy Hoa

Tuy Hoa Airport newly renovated and inaugurated on May 9.2013. Passenger terminal - Tuy Hoa airport has a total area of 4,000 m2, reaching a capacity to serve 550,000 passengers / year, enough capacity to serve 300 passengers and 2 A321 aircraft during peak hours. The total investment cost of about 400 billion, is deducted from the investment and development of the Corporation Vietnam airport.

Currently each day from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City has only one flight to Tuy Hoa by ATR 72 aircraft. Flights from Ho Chi Minh starting at 14h05 daily flights, Hanoi is 7h15.
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